We’re not just a group of over 10,000 solid waste professionals across the United States, Canada and beyond with a mission to advance the practice of environmentally and economically sound management of municipal solid waste. SWANA membership provides you with unique opportunities to:

    CONNECT TO OTHER PROFESSIONALS on industry specialties, local happenings, policy changes, best practices and much more through chapter events, joining a technical session, utilizing online resources attenign trainings or WASTECON® .

    UTILIZE KEY RESOURCES for more efficient operations, innovative ideas and enhanced communications through newsletters SWANA's e-library and MSW Management, SWANA's official bi-monthly magazine.

    ADVANCE YOUR CAREER and expand your horizons both personally and professionally with some of the industry's most experienced solid waste experts and innovative leaders.


    About SWANA

    Our Mission

    "SWANA is an organization of professionals committed to advancing from solid waste management to resource management through their shared emphasis on education, advocacy and research."

    Core Values

    • Education: opportunities for training, certification and research
    • Advocacy: support of responsible and practical environmental initiatives
    • Collaboration: networking and partnerships
    • Respect: encouragement of diverse ideas and opinions


    Quick Facts

    • More than 10,000 members from the Public and Private Sectors
    • 46 chapters across the U.S., Canada and Caribbean
    • All types of members: CEOs, chief engineers, presidents, boards of commissioners, CFOs, COOs, executive directors, foreman, branch managers, directors of environmental services, directors of solid waste, district managers, executive vice presidents, landfill directors and managers, recycling facility managers, environmental engineers, transfer station managers, project managers, owners, partners, principal engineers, directors of public works and more.


    Member benefits overview

    Networking & Idea sharing

    • Live events
    • SWANA chapters
    • SWANA Technical Divisions
    • Members-only website
    • Young Professionals Group


    Member-Only Discounts

    • Event registrations
    • Courses & Training
    • Professional Services Directory
    • ISWA free trial membership
    • ARF reports and industry publications