2015 SWANA Northwest Regional Symposium

    Symposium attendees list

    Program Agenda




    Session 1A – Landfill Planning & Permitting

      Landfill Whisperer-Landfill Settlement as a Second Language; Bob Isenberg, SCS

      Forecasting Long-term Care Period for Landfills; Travis Pyle & Michelle Langdon, CH2M HILL

      Current Environmental Compliance Challenges; Shane Latimer, Latimer Environmental

    Session 1B –  Food Waste

     High Drama: Increasing Food Scraps Processing In the Metro Region;Jennifer Erickson, Metro

     Environmental Impacts of Food Waste Management; Pete Pasterz, ODEQ

     Food Waste Prevention; Griselda Puga, Marion County


    Session 2A –  Survey

     Remote Survey Technologies; Robert Pusey, Parametrix

     Using GIS to Make Better Decisions; Aaron Weier, Cornerstone

     Heat Maps: Using GIS to Manage your LFG; Patrick Switzer, Cornerstone

    Session 2B –  MRF / Transfer Station

     Mixed Waste MRF’s - Is this the answer for advancing recycling to the next level?; Doug Drennen,JR Miller

     Innovative Improvements to the Carothers Road Solid Waste Facility in Whitman County, Washington; Travis Pyle, CH2M HILL  & David Nails, Whitman County Public Works

     Recent Developments in Automatic Vacuum-Based Systems for Collecting MSW and Recyclables; Paul Marttila, MariMatic Inc.

     Thursday lunch Presentation: About SWANA; Brian Tippetts

    Session 3A – LFG 1

     Landfill fires; Ray Huff, SCS

     Trash to Gas; Brian Rippie, Clean Energy Fuels

     Small Scale Biogas-to-CNG Vehicle Fuel Projects Coming to the Northwest; Paul Stout, Cornerstone

    Session 3B –  Compost

     Integrating Anaerobic Digestion and Aerobic Composting; Lyndsey Lopez, CH2M Hill

     Challenges and Lessons Learned – Design and Construction of a Large-scale CASP(covered aerated static pile) Facility; Jessica Bernardini, Cornerstone

     Building Demand for Food Waste Compost; Stephanie Scafa, City of Eugene


    Session 4A– LFG 2

     Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Case Study; Ted Massart, SCS

     Comparisons of H2S and Siloxane Removal Technologies at the Coffin Butte Landfill; Jeff Friesen & Brad Jeffers, ESI

     Innovations for Improved Landfill Gas Collection; Jason MacKenzie, ESI

    Session 4B –  Alternatives to Landfill

     Metro' s RoadMap Projects: Long-Term Management Options for MSW; Rob Smoot, Metro, OR

     Benefits of Waste to Energy; Michael Van Brunt, Covanta

     Economics of Anaerobic Digestion; Tim Raibley, HDR


    Session 5A – Planning and Management

     We let our staff sort garbage – and so should you: a DIY approach to waste characterization; Steve Wamback, Pierce County    Public Works & Travis Dutton, City of Beaverton

     Reaching residents in an attention deficit world; John Bruno, ReCollect Systems Inc.

     The new regional district of Kitimat Stikine solid waste management system; Dr. Tony Sperling, Sperling Hansen Associates

     Update on Alternative Technologies; Tom Parker, CDM Smith

    Session 5B –  Storm Water

     Comparison of 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional Models for Floodplain Delineation and Surface Water Design at Solid Waste   Facilities; Garth Bowers, Cornerstone

     Complying with the New Stormwater Regulations at Solid Waste Facilities in the Northwest; Dan Joseph & Calvin Noling, StormwateRx

     DEQ Western Region’s Industrial Stormwater Permit Implementation; Mark Reidel-Bash, ODEQ

     What is coming up in permits; Erich Brandstetter, ODEQ


    Session 6A – Recycling

     Incenting Recovery; Karen Storry, Metro Vancouver,BC

     Rethinking Stuff: the Recology retail store model and Recology’s bike rehab/recycling program; Erika Melroy & Fred Stemmler,   Recology

     Food Waste Only, Now What? – Recyclable Options for Disposable Food Service Products; Holly Stirnkorb, Tabor Consulting    Group

    Session 6B – Landfill

     Trials and Tribulations: Leachate Treatment Pilot at  Closed Landfill; David McCall, Tillamook County and Rick Malin,    Parametrix

     Chemical Compatibility of a Polymer-Modified GCL; Melody Adams, Parametrix

     Phyto use in Leachate Management; Ric Stoor, LMS

    Friday Lunch Presentation: Making Resourceful use of Garbage: Corky Collier and Dorothy Atwood