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    The Washington Evergreen Chapter of SWANA is hosting a technical session titled "Material Diversion" on February 26th


    TV Show Casting: Heavy Equipment Competition

    Now casting heavy machine operators

    Magilla Entertainment is now casting heavy machine operators for a stunt competition show! Do you have the precision and control to get the most impossible job done safely? Can you also use your incredible skills to do intricate and unique tricks with your machines like open a lunch box, play basketball or navigate across a narrow bridge?

    Magilla (the creators of Diesel Brothers and Moonshiners on Discovery) is developing a new competition show for heavy equipment operators. They are looking for potential competitors that might be interested and have experience in doing challenges and obstacles with heavy equipment.

    If you have the expertise and creativity to master your machine, contact Magilla at [email protected] with your name, age, occupation, location, phone number, recent photo and a few sentences about your skills.