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    The Washington Evergreen Chapter of SWANA is hosting a technical session titled "Material Diversion" on February 26th


    DEQ Recycling Committee

    For several years, Oregon and the rest of the world have relied on China to take much of the recyclable paper and plastics generated by residents and businesses. This all came to a shuddering halt in 2018 due to a massive overhaul by the Chinese governent, disrupting recycling systems worldwide and causing a backup of materials throughout the supply chain. 

    Oregon is responding to this in several ways. In addition to short-term stopgap solutions, DEQ has formed the Recycling Steering Committee with partner representatives and launched a planning process to modernize Oregon’s recycling systems so they are stronger and more resilient to market changes. The RSC is guided by a charter and meets semi-regularly to make recommendations and determine steps to implement them.

    For more info on the RSC and other steps Oregon is taking, including details of past and upcoming meetings, please visit the Recycling Markets Stakeholder Resources webpage.