Manager of Landfill Operations

    The Manager of Landfill Operations course is a comprehensive primer in the study of modern landfills. It encompasses fundamental areas of study such as operations, site design, regulations, health and safety, cost controls and other issues pertinent to planning, operating, and closing landfills. The course is offered by SWANA as preparation for Landfill Management Certification, required by many jurisdictions as requirement to operate compliant and safe landfill facilities.

    Course Objectives

    • Understanding the scope of landfill importance, purpose, characteristics, design, equipment, and regulatory compliance
    • Understanding and managing daily operational procedures
    • Improving landfill safety
    • Understanding construction and surveying practices
    • Implementing and managing effective monitoring systems
    • Maximizing landfill site administration
    • Improving efficiency and controlling costs

    Who Should Attend

    Landfill owners, managers, and supervisors, as well as engineers and consultants.

    Course Content

    The course manual is Manager of Landfill Operations. This comprehensive operations manual covers the following topics and more with supplemental images, graphs and examples for participants to discuss, making it a must-have reference tool.

    • Landfill Basics
    • Regulations
    • Landfill Layout and Siting
    • Landfill Design and Construction
    • Landfill Equipment
    • Landfill Operations
    • Leachate and Landfill Gas Management
    • Groundwater Monitoring
    • Landfill Economics
    • Safety Issues and Planning
    • Landfill Administration
    • Closure Issues
    • Inspections