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    An Oregon Department of Energy Podcast

    Grounded is about energy in the Beaver State – from renewable energy and the history of nuclear power… to utilities, businesses, nonprofits, schools, and Oregon families going green and making a difference.

    Fiberight now expects Hampden waste plant to start up in April, a year after scheduled start
    BDN Bangor

    The company developing a state-of-the-art waste processing facility in Hampden says the project will probably be completed by the end of March — nearly a full year after the facility was supposed to begin receiving waste from more than 100 Maine towns and cities.

    2018 Biogas and RNG Inventory Report
    Oregon Dept. of Energy [PDF]

    In 2017 the Oregon Legislature passed SB 334, directing the Oregon Department of Energy, in coordination with an ODOE-appointed advisory committee, to conduct a detailed inventory of all potential sources of biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) available in Oregon. The bill also required that ODOE maintain and periodically update the inventory. The report identifies financial, technical, market, policy and regulatory barriers to developing and using biogas and RNG as an energy source that can help Oregon reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

    Electric buses - Another costly fad
    The World Link

    The TriMet Board recently approved a plan to replace its entire fleet with battery-electric buses (BEBs) by 2040. If implemented, this will cost taxpayers $553 million more than buying diesel buses. 

    NYC so far turns up nose at food-scrap recycling
    Ick Factor

    New Yorkers are so far turning up their noses at the city's ambitious organics collection program, which has stalled because not enough people are participating in the often-smelly chore of separating out all those table scraps, spoiled meat, rotten vegetables and cut grass.

    As New Jersey rethinks food waste policy, role of landfills a key question
    Waste Dive

    Between an overdue reduction plan and a unique proposed diversion mandate, the state is on a different path than many of its Northeast neighbors

    How Ikea and HP want to help keep plastic out of the ocean: make stuff from it
    Fast Company

    The two companies are the latest members of a coalition called NextWave Plastics, which is committed to finding uses for recycled plastics.